About The Artist

Shasa Thomas

Hi! My name is Shasa Thomas.  Art has been my passion since the age of 12 and that passion led to me receiving a BA in Fine Arts.  I did not know until several years later that ceramics would become something I not only enjoy creating, but can’t imagine not creating.  I am now lost in the wonderful world of handbuilding, molds, and pottery making!  I love to see the creativity that continues to come from these hands.

Unique Sculptural Work

If you’re looking for a beautiful and unique ceramic piece, check out my available works. If you want inspiration for a custom piece, check out my commissioned works. If you just want to take a look at my process, check out the making ceramic tab and follow along as I guide you step-by-step into the basics of making ceramic.

Monthly Ceramic Subscription Box

Our monthly boxes feature a ceramic piece designed and handmade by Shasa just for you. The ceramic pieces in the box are only offered to our monthly subscribers. The box will include the specially designed ceramic piece, selected paints for the current project, a paint brush and sealer to lock in the paint. Each box will also contain details on how to access a video of Shasa painting the current project so that you can follow along.

Monthly Ceramic Box

"Sometimes stepping into success means moving past your comfort zone and doing the things that are "hard" for you. Today I'm stepping out!”

 Pablo Picasso

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