monthly ceramic subscription box

everything You Need delivered right to your door

Our monthly boxes feature a ceramic piece designed and handmade by Shasa just for you. The ceramic pieces in the box are only offered to our monthly subscribers. The box will include the specially designed ceramic piece, selected paints for the current project, a paint brush and sealer to lock in the paint. Each box will also contain details on how to access a video of Shasa painting the current project so that you can follow along.

Monthly membership perks

1. Ceramic Piece Special Made just for you (not offered separately)
2. Paints and Sealer for each Project
3. Storage crate for your crafts
4. Access to monthly videos of Shasa designing the projects via
5. Access to the exclusive Designs By Shasa Monthly Ceramic Subscription Group where you can build community, ask questions, and share works in progress.

You deserve art in your life!

I pledge to send you an awesome array of useful, fun and funky pottery projects each month. Keep all the items for yourself or use some as gifts for friends & family! The possibilities are endless!

Shasa Thomas

subscription cost

The Monthly Subscription Box cost $37 per month (includes shipping).  There is a required 2 month commitment.

I look forward to creating something unique for you!